Summer Grid-wide Hunt

Summer Hunt
July 14-27

The Summer Hunt is a grid-wide hunt dedicated to the antique designers and market in SecondLife.  Shopkeepers who design and sell products within the realm of antiques will provide a quality item for the price of 10L for hunters.  The theme for this hunt is twofold - antique and summer.  The participating merchants sell antiques all year round and specialize in this market.  The items they will make and provide will fit in with the concept of summer; colors, clothing, housewares, furniture, decor, etc.  None of the items will be adult - meaning they will not be sex-fueled.  We'll keep it family-friendly. 

As a hunter, you can be sure to find all sorts of fun and exciting items for your home or self to wear!  I am most certain that you will run across stores you would not have known otherwise, or that you may have forgotten about!  You can also find, in this hunt, items that are not holiday-specific.  So, you can use these items all year round, or the whole summer season!

We do have an in-world group.  Copy and paste this URI into chat:

Once you do that, touch the group name in local chat and join for FREE!