Antique Square: Snowflake 5L Hunt

Season's Greetings & Happy Holidays!

Over at Antique Square, we have some fine merchants who have set out items for you to hunt!  At each location, you are seeking out a white snowflake.  Within the snowflake is an item for you!  Each snowflake will cost you 5L, but the items are so very much worth more than that!  There will be no hints, but look within each of the participating shops for your snowflake.  Images of items and Slurls to shop locations can be found on this page. 

The hunt will run from December 15 until January 2.  Please keep checking back in case more merchants join in!

Happy Hunting!

{NS} Nadeau Shoppe

Casa de Bebe

Trove Gallery

Talisman Gallery

Spargel & Shine


Steaming Ahead

Gothic's Musing
No picture available at the moment.
Item is a mesh grandfather clock with working time.  In Christmas coloring.

Timeless D├ęcor
(Hidden within the park)

Bloodsmore, Inc.

Weekend Salvage

Item is out.  Image pending.

EB Design


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